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Ginger & Lemon

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Lime & Mint

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Passion Fruit & Hop

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Passion Fruit & Hop in a can

Kombucha, passion fruit and hops. Complex, sweet, fresh and aromatic.

Een interesting love triangle for adult adventurers.
You just have to give it a go.
Drinking kombucha that is.


Top cocktails from the best bartenders

Fix me up

Vodka, Galliano and passion fruit. A drink full of passion.

Pear Pressure

Pears, kombucha and basil. A fragile balancing act between aromatic, bitter and sweet. Like Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca.


The no-booze version of the Italian scroppino.

Sparkly Temple

Virgin, like a Shirley Temple. Sparkly like BATU.

One for the Road

Hot and smoky with a ginger kick.

Champions’ Breakfast

The BATU Martini Breakfast. For those who have the guts to start their day with a Martini.