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Ginger & Lemon

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Lime & Mint

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Passion Fruit & Hop

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Ginger & Lemon

Kombucha, ginger and lemon. That's like your cup of ginger tea, but cold and more interesting.

Sweet, refreshing and it has an exciting kick. Drink it ice cold.

For when you need one under your bum.


Top cocktails from the best bartenders

Fix me up

Vodka, Galliano and passion fruit. A drink full of passion.

Pear Pressure

Pears, kombucha and basil. A fragile balancing act between aromatic, bitter and sweet. Like Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca.


The no-booze version of the Italian scroppino.

Sparkly Temple

Virgin, like a Shirley Temple. Sparkly like BATU.

One for the Road

Hot and smoky with a ginger kick.

Champions’ Breakfast

The BATU Martini Breakfast. For those who have the guts to start their day with a Martini.